Ceramic Coating in Mission Bend, Texas

M.I.K Auto Detail in Mission Bend, Texas offers Ceramic Coating, the best paint protection. Our Ceramic Coating is a game-changer, protecting your car from environmental threats, UV radiation, and impurities while offering an unmatched gloss and finish. Trust our experts to precisely use this cutting-edge technology to keep your automobile showroom-ready for years. Ceramic Coating from M.I.K Auto Detail protects and beautifies your car.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is an advanced protective treatment for your car’s exterior. It creates a durable, water-resistant layer that shields against UV rays, pollutants, and minor abrasions, all while providing a stunning high-gloss finish.

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Our packages

Carpro Cquartz coating

Small $800 - Medium $900 - Large $1000
  • Paint Prep – Decon Wash 
  • One step polish to remove light scratches and enhance clarity of paint 
  • 2 layers of CarPro CQuartz

System x max

Small $1500 - Medium $1750 - Large $2000
  • Paint Prep – Decon Wash 
  • One step polish to remove light scratches and enhance clarity of paint
  • System x max coating


  • Wheel coating – $250
  • Interior coating – $200

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

There are multiple benefits to Ceramic Coating such as:

Long-Lasting Protection

Ceramic coating creates a long-lasting, semi-permanent protective layer that bonds with the paint of your vehicle. This layer functions as a protection against UV rays, oxidation, bird droppings, road salts, and other environmental contaminants, thereby decreasing the danger of paint damage and preserving your vehicle's beautiful appearance for years to come.

Enhanced Gloss and Appearance

Ceramic coatings provide a magnificent high-gloss finish that enhances the color and depth of the paint on your vehicle. The self-cleaning qualities of the coating repel dirt and water, resulting in a continuously polished appearance. This not only improves the appearance of your car but also reduces the need for frequent washing, making upkeep much more convenient.

Reduced Maintenance and Ease of Cleaning

Because ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, water and pollutants easily glide off, making normal cleaning a snap. The slippery surface prevents dirt from adhering securely, which reduces the possibility of micro-scratches while cleaning. With less effort required to keep your vehicle clean, you'll have a cleaner and shinier car with less hassle.


Maintain your car’s ceramic coating: Regularly wash with gentle soap, use dedicated products, and avoid harsh brushes for lasting protection.

Ceramic coating cost varies but typically ranges from $250 to $2,000 depending on the vehicle size and type of coating chosen.

The efficiency of a ceramic coating relies on a variety of conditions, but a professionally applied coating can endure for 2 to 5 years or more if properly maintained.

Ceramic coatings offer a high level of scratch resistance, reducing the visibility of tiny scratches and swirl marks. However, complete avoidance cannot be assured, particularly in the case of severe scratches or high-force strikes.

While DIY ceramic coating kits are available, professional application is preferred for the best results. Professionals have the appropriate skills, techniques, and a controlled environment to ensure that the coating binds correctly, resulting in improved longevity and beauty.

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